Where can I find game assets?

Top 10 Best 2D Game Asset sites

1. Felix Game Assets

Free Game Assets, 3D Model, Source Code, Game MIDI Sound where you can share your Free Game Assets and download instantly any you like. in various formats for BLENDER, OBJ, 3DS, C4D, MAX, MAYA, MIDI, JAVA, Android, MP3, Wave, IOS, PNG which you can download absolutely for free.



2. Super Game Asset (commercial)

Best for RPG Games. If you are creating your own RPG or isometric games, Super Games Asset store has the highest quality 2D games assets you can buy online. They offer awesome RPG game icons (these are probably the best you can purchase directly online), 2D sprites, character animation sprites, and huge hand painted RPG game maps in isometric view. Majority of game assets here are visually consistent.


3. GameDev Market (commercial)

GameDev Market is quite a new entry, like Super Game Asset it is very well organised into different categories. The offer both 2D and 3D including Game UI, character sprites, icons and environments. It is a market so all assets are artist submissions and it is growing very quickly.


4. Graphicriver – Game Assets (commercial)

Game assets by stock largest image provider. Graphicriver is world most popular stock image resource, with the proliferation casual games on mobile of they have recently started a specific category just for game assets, and it is all 2D. This is a trustable source for quality game resources as all assets will be review by envato internally before getting listed on the site. Plus you have community review on the sources as well. It is a constantly growing source with great support from envato.


5. Scirra Store (commercial)

Scirra is the developer of construct 2 a popular HTML5 2D game editor, they now have their own game asset store. You don’t have to use them in construct 2 it is perfectly okay to use in any 2D editor really. The game assets are categorized in graphics, sound, music and even game templates which can help you start a new game quickly in construct 2.


6. Game Art Partners (commercial)

Plenty for 2D platform games. This site has plenty of 2D game assets for you. All assets are very cartoon styled and including large collection of characters with animations, monsters, weapons, effects and user interface kits well suited for platform games.

Welcome to Game Art Partners!

7. Open Game Art (free)

The definitive place for open source game. This place is most likely the biggest online community for free licenced game assets. There is a large selection of game assets all submitted under GNU or Creative Commons licences, you can find anything from sprites to icons. It is a great place to start if you are a beginner or just require prototyping game assets. Not all visual styles are consistent though, so you’ll need to find and match.


8. Kenney Game Assets (free)

This is another good source for prototyping a game, there is over 20,000+ game assets on his site. It includes various user interface assets, common 2D platform game assets and sprites. Best of all most assets are vector graphics, so it is resolution independent and can be used on any device’s screen. Most assets are free to download separately or you can give a small $9 donation for download the whole 20,000 asset pack.


9. Game-Icons.net (free)

best free icon only site, game-icons.net offer a really comprehensive set of icons, in fact over 2000 different variations of monochromatic icons. I say monochromatic because all of the icons here are in black and white but still very generic enough to be used in just about any game. It’s a great source to search everything from actions icons, health, potion, character skills, weapons, items. Best of all it’s all in vector format.


Where can I find game assets?

Where can I find game assets?

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Where can I find game assets?

Where can I find game assets?